My Favorite Inglot Eye Shadows

Hi Pretty ladies. Today’s post is about my favorite Inglot Eye shadows. I don’t own many Inglot eye shadow but still i think that they are pretty good even though they are on the pricier side. Let’s get right into the post.

Inglot Eye matte squares

Inglot Eye matte squares

A while ago i was shopping in and came across these beautiful eye shadows. So i ended up buying two squares and one eye liner from Inglot. It is very difficult to get Matte eye shadow in the Indian market. Most of the times we end up buying a pallet just for one color in it.

If this sounds like you then Inglot freedom system pallet can save you! I actually mean it. By this range Inglot let’s you choose your own colors and make your own pallet. If you do not want your entire customized pallet then you can buy individual refills. These are priced at Rs.450 per refill.

I own two shades from Inglot matte eye shadows,

  • #329 – Matte dark brown eye shadow
  • #335 – Brick color eye shadow

I absolutely love them both and they are my everyday color.

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Matte Square in 329:

This is very beautiful dark brown color. This can be your crease color or you can fill your eye brows, you can even use this as an eye liner. I use this both in my crease and fill in my eyebrows. I love this shade. Pigmentation is not that great but for a crease color this pigmentation works beautifully.

Inglot Matte shadow 329

Inglot Matte shadow 329

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Matte Square in 335:

This is a gorgeous brick color shadow. Works beautifully as a transition color. You can sweep this color across your crease with a big fluffy brush. This looks so pretty you can even pack this on your entire lid.

If you are looking for a decent matte brick color for your crease then go and grab this one. Trust me this is such a pretty shade. Once again this has average pigmentation but that’s ok, we actually want this 😉 .

In my opinion these two are some beautiful crease color.

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