Essential/Affordable eye brushes

Hello My dear angels. Today i will be sharing my essential eye make up brushes. I am a regular girl and in my opinion these are the brushes that every beginner in eye make up must own. I personally cannot live without them.

Essential Eye Brushes

Essential Eye Brushes

Flat Shading Brush:

Flat Shading Brush

Flat Shading Brush

This is your first step in eye make up. This brush is basically used for packing color on your lid. If you are working with cream shadows you can opt for synthetic brushes else if you have powder shadows then brushes with animal hair is your friend. I own many shading brushes of which i like colorbar and ELF brushes. The colorbar brush is an average brush and it is quite small to work with. The bristles are not flexible too. The ELF brush is very easy to work with. It picks up the right amount of color and shades your lid beautifully.

If you want maximum color intensity and staying power then spritz some make up setting spray on your brush before swiping on the eye shadow pan. While packing the color press and drag by this you can get a beautiful color intensity. This gives beautiful finish on your lid. If you are a beginner in eye shadows then try ELF 12 piece brush set. They are so good and affordable.

Blending Brush:

Un-blended eye shadow is a big no in eye make up. The key to good make up is blending. Blending brush is a fluffy brush that is used to bend out the harsh edges.

Blending Brush

Blending Brush

When you are done packing the color on your lid, use a blending brush with a skin tone eye-shadow to soften up your look by swiping back and forth on your socket area. Blending a shadow which is two to three tones darker than your skin tone on your crease makes your eyes look deep set. If you are using a shimmery shadow on your lid, blend a darker shadow on your outer corner to get a more softer and defined look.

I use ELF blending brush for precise application on my crease. This is a very nice brush and it blends out shadows so beautifully. while bending make sure to use soft hands and intensify colors gradually.

I love using Vega Blending brush for softening the whole eye make up. The bristles are so soft and fluffy. This is my go to brush for blending eye shadows.

Angled Eye Liner Brush:

This brush makes your life a lot easier for when it comes for winged eye liner. But i personally did not find an angled brush which is thin enough to make a wing. The only angled brush that i own is from colorbar. I use this brush for filling my eyebrows and sometimes to smudge out the top of my eye liner.

Angled Brush

Angled Brush

I love this brush when it comes for filling in my eyebrows with a dark brown eye shadow.

Smudger Brush:

Eye Smudger

Eye Smudger

This brush is used for smudging your eye liner to get a more softer look. Line your lash line with a kohl of your choice and gently use a smudging brush for blending the harsh line into your eye shadow to get a more natural look.

Smudger brush can be of bristles or sponge tip, both works wonderfully. You can use a pencil brush also to achieve this look. I have been loving Colorbar Smokin Eyes Smudger Brush and ELF smudging brush for blending my eye liner. Use a dark brown or black eye shadow to get a smokey look.

Lash Comb:

This brush is basically a tiny comb which you can use to comb your brows before filling them in. This gives the idea of your sparse areas so that you can fill your brows seamlessly. You can also use an old spoolie brush (mascara wand) to do this job. A lash comb is also used to comb your lashes to avoid clumping of mascara.

Lash comb

Lash comb

The only lash comb i have is from ELF. I don’t use this brush much but it is a must in your make up brush collection.

Hope you guys like this post.

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  1. Amel · November 12, 2015

    I absolutely love my E.L.F. brushes, they are as good as the expensive ones in my opinion 🙂


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