Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvinating Beauty Elixir Review

Hello Everyone. Today is a review of a face elixir by Just Herbs. I recently got this in my Fabbag and i am in love with this serum. Read the post fully to find out more about this product.

Just herbs Elixer

Just herbs Elixir


Gotukola, Indian Ginseng,Cold pressed oils of Rosehips, Wheatgerm, Safflower and Moringa seeds, extracts of Indian Senna.

Product Description:

This multi-tasking night serum is a synergistic blend of treasured Indian herbs to nourish and restore a natural glow and youthfulness to tired, ageing and pigmented skin. Plant polyphenols, carotenoids and flavonoids present in these precious botanicals prevent and reverse free-radical and DNA damage and block the inflammatory changes that result during the skin ageing process.

Gotukola and Indian Ginseng are considered Sāttvik (most pure, closest to nature) and Varnya Dravyas ( colour and complexion promoters) in ancient Ayurvedic texts and are known to make skin youthful.

Gotukola (Chinese name meaning “fountain of youth”) or Brahmi aka Brahma-Manduki (Ayurvedic names used in India) has been the centerpiece of plant based medical systems across the world for thousands of years. It is listed among the “miracle elixirs of life” and according to a legend; this herb helped a famous sage live past 200.

Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha in this fast-absorbing , light-textured skin potion is a potent antioxidant and immunomodulator with anti-inflammatory properties. In synergy with other plant nutrients it helps boost collagen-synthesis, cell renewal & tissue repair thus diminishing fine lines, spots and signs of photo-ageing.

Cold pressed oils of Rosehips, Wheatgerm, Safflower and Moringa seeds are natural sources of Vitamins C, E and A while  extracts of Indian Senna are a botanical alternative to Hyaluronic Acid ( for fine-line filling and intense  moisturisation).

Price : 985 INR

It is available Online. You can buy Here.

Quantity: 15 ml

Suitable for: All Skin types

I use this serum before my night cream and slightly massage it into my skin. It has a slightly pungent smell which is unbearable for quite sometime then slowly it vanishes. It doesn’t have any added fragrance (as the website says) I suggest you guys to smell it first before buying because this might be a little too much for sensitive noses.

The texture is quite runny, it settles like a precipitate so you need to shake well before use.

Color is off-white.


Just Herbs Elixir

It has a dropper which is a good thing since you only need two or three drops for your entire face. It really helped me in eliminating my pigmentation and evened out my skin tone. Also my fine lines have reduced. I have got pretty bad acne marks and i just feel like this serum shrinks them down (i can’t explain it but that’s how i feel 😉 )


Just Herbs Elixir dropper

This is a dark brown glass bottle which is perfect for storing natural products like this. The dropper shuts properly so you can travel with this and you won’t have any spillage of product But this is a glass bottle and you should carefully pack this. I am so in love with this product. It did not break me out.

Overall it is a nice product and worth a shot if you have skin problems.


  • Does not breakout
  • suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and blemishes
  • Adds nice glow to face


  • Pricey for 15 ml of product
  • smell

Overall it is a nice product and worth a shot if you have skin problems.

My Rating : 4.5/5

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